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Sources for Holistic Health Products by Theresa Dunford

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These are sources for products, some of which both myself, my husband Barry and friends, have used. I have focussed mainly on U. K. distributors as I live in Scotland. Some of these products may also be available at your local health food store. I realise that this subject can be confusing as there is such a variety available today. This information is presented in the spirit of sharing material about products which have helped us, and those suppliers that we have found efficient and of good quality. It is not suggested that they are in any way a cure as the body ultimately heals itself, given the correct fuel (nutrition) plus a healthy lifestyle.

Higher Nature plc, Burwash Common, East Sussex TN19 7LX. Telephone: 0800 458 4747.  Also available at most health food stores and online. An excellent and wide ranging source of nutritional products. Mail order only (catalogue available). The products I have used are: True Food Supernutrition Plus, high absorption A-Z multivitamin & mineral complex. Quoting their literature about “True Food” products: “Ordinary supplements use isolated vitamins, not the complexed forms found in food that the body expects to eat. As a major advance True Food vitamins and minerals are fermented in a special culture, which complexes them organically, just as they would be in any true food. True Food nutrients are more effective than isolated nutrients, so much lower intakes of True Food nutrients are needed than with regular supplements.” Nutritionists I have spoken to inform me that vitamins and minerals work synergistically within our bodies so it can be helpful to take a multivitamin and mineral for this reason. They also sell colloidal silver and probiotics.

Woodland Herbs, 100 Woodlands Road, Glasgow, G3 6HB, UK. Telephone: 0141 564 3184. An excellent source for herbal products, including dried herbs and tinctures, at reasonable prices.

Sources for food grade hydrogen peroxide:

Detox your world 08700 113 119. Supplier of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

Wholistic Research Company, UK.  Suppliers of 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide and many other excellent products.

Specialist Herbal Supplies, Portslade Hall, 18 Station Road, Portslade, BN41 1GB, UK. Telephone: 01273 424333 They sell 4 main programmes including:  Colon cleansing, Menopause, Detox, Liver cleansing. Their colon cleansing programme including Psyllium husks: Provide bulk and is excellent for the “lazy” colon without the possible “scratchiness” of bran.

Self Health Enterprises This company provides many of the Hulda Clark products. They also sell Zappers.

Healthspan:  Products include natural help for insomnia (Sweet Dreams, natural sleep enhancer: 5-HTP, Magnesium and B Vitamins)

Regenerative Nutrition, Switzerland.  “Your health is our number one priority”.  Worldwide delivery included in the price.

Baldwins  “In the last 170+ years, Baldwins has passed from the loving care of George Baldwin whose family helped to establish 12 shops (before downsizing) to the Dagnell family, who have enabled Baldwins to grow into the thriving and vibrant store you see today: London’s oldest and much loved Herbalist.”

Herbs of Grace Supplier of premium quality GMP standard medicinal herbs and natural products since 1978.

Bristol Botanicals  “Our products are only purchased from reputable companies which have modern processing facilities and full quality control procedures and we work closely with suppliers, medical professionals and researchers in the field of natural medicine. For more information, see the individual categories from the shop menu.

The Health Ranger – Mike Adams, USA

We wish you Good Health!