Sacred Connections Scotland

These extracts have been taken from a book entitled
Matter in the Making (1966) by Langston Day
in collaboration with George de la Warr

“The fifth dimension, of Eternity, contains different levels of unification or togetherness. A picture of it is embodied in the pyramid. At the apex is the unitive state, but if the pyramid is sliced horizontally, each plane on the downward course is one of increased separateness until the base is reached which represents the world of matter. This idea recurs constantly in inspired literature. In the emanation doctrine of Plotinus there are decreasing degrees of reality in passing from the One to Matter…. The new science towards which this idea could lead us would have an extra dimension of thought, a ‘higher’ and a ‘lower’ which would enable us to see the causes of many inexplicable things. But at present we see nearly everything in the flat, and by centring our minds on Matter, which as Plotinus says scarcely exists at all, we diminish ourselves and become more and more like robots….

“The apex of the pyramid, or Prime Source, is characterised by a unifying force. In religious language this is called the Love of God, and saints and mystics have testified that it is stronger than any other force which could possibly exists. It is reflected downwards through the different levels, and even on the level of Organic Life it can still be felt as love. Ancient civilisations worshipped the great Earth Mother but today we treat her with violence and hostility. To establish lines of communication with the pre-physical world the keys are love and harmony. We must work with Nature not against her. But some harmonising link must be found. We must try to discover in what forms this unifying force appears when it descends to the level of Matter.

“If a chord is struck on a piano it resonates with components of a corresponding chord in a higher or lower octave. This is a remarkable evocatory connection of energies. But in fact resonance goes far beyond forming connections between different vibrations of sound. There can be resonance between corresponding notes or chords in other kinds of octaves. For instance, in octaves of vibrations belonging to the electromagnetic spectrum which include such things as radio waves, light waves and cosmic radiation. And indeed in fields even wider than this, for thoughts and emotions of different grades appear to form octaves, and no doubt there are still higher levels of vibration. It is this ubiquitous principle of resonance between different forms of Energy which is an aspect of the unifying force at the apex of the pyramid, the force which in its primal state is called Love of God….

“Present-day science is impressive since it produces operational results, but it does this by abstracting a thin residue from reality, leaving out everything which is most important, and because it does this it is unable to explain the basic causes of anything. Another way of putting it is that science studies only parts, and is never able to see anything in relation to the whole of which it forms a part. It is merely a technological process. But seeing parts in relation to wholes is the beginning of understanding. The immediate Whole of which humanity forms part is Nature, and to study Man without studying his link with Nature is like excluding the human organism from a study of cells…. There is artistry in Nature, whereas science is wedded to a bleak, mechanical technology…..

“What we need now is not a fusion between current religion and modern science, for this is impossible, but an Art-Science-Religion comparable to that which existed thousands of years ago wherein all the needs of Man are satisfied and which can lead him out of the shadow world where he is at present groping. This new Science will find such things as genicidal weapons unthinkable. It will reject forces of destruction, whether they be explosives, poisons, or bacteria, and exert all its strength to understand the beneficent powers which the great laboratory of Nature has arrived at after millions of experimental years…. The new ideas lead to a realisation that there exists another world standing in relation to the material world as substance to shadow. It is here that meaning and value are to be found and the true causes of the fleeting phenomena of which our lives consist. Here, too, where existence is governed by love and harmony and everything is so closely connected that it is clearly impossible to help or harm any creature without helping or harming ourselves.

“Not so many years ago the phrase Brotherhood of Man was taken seriously and thought to be almost within reach. Today nations, groups, individuals feel themselves as separate entities with the perfect right to fight for their own selfish interests. On the anatomical level this is equivalent to the brain fighting the liver or the kidneys without regard to the general health of the body. If the Brotherhood of Man is to become a reality, it will not come about by conferences and treaties, noble speeches, or international propaganda, but through the growth of a new understanding that a world exists of which the material world is a succession of shadows on a wall. When this understanding dawns, the philosophy behind modern science will disappear like a bad dream and we shall begin to discover our long-lost home.”